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  • What great to hear the stories from before. I even recognize (unfortunately) things, I and I think I wrote to the group that it was a very nice and interesting tour. Residents Bergpolder
  • Thank you very much for the explanation, for the sunflower, very interesting.
  • I found it very educational thank you for the tour
  • The Twentieth Century Museum in Hoorn is grateful for the offer of our old telephone exchange, We wish you all the best of luck in this beautiful place. Martin and Gerrit
  • We’ve been here to know something about one of the nice centers
  • Thank you for the nice and enjoyable tour, your camping companions, Spain
  • The tour was definitely interesting and has become much wiser. The woman liked it too, and the little Ja who did not get much of it, but when he is older we will definitely be back. Sincerely, Dennis, Wendy and Thijs. (PS if there is more info about the coin, I recommend it)
  • I found the tour very fun and I learned a lot about it. It was also great fun when we were allowed to turn on the dials of the phones. We will definitely be back. Susanna, Lisa, Remco and Anneke.
  • Thanks for your fun and interesting tour. The assignment will certainly be a success. Miranda, Demir, Isa and Theo
  • Thanks to old colleagues, a celebration celebration. Dick, Lia, Freek and French.
  • Great interesting, beautiful comprehensive collection, Joke, Ton and Huibert
  • Nice and interesting Piet from Amsterdam
  • The South Westesse from Westmaas visited the museum on March 18, 2015 and was particularly excited about everything that worked and was told during the tour. Extremely interesting experience. We hope the museum will be a long life. Thank you for everything and the great welcome.
  • Born in 1994 so today (25-03-2015) I learned a lot. And what were the names of top soccer players.
  • We were visiting today with all the staff of the Burgernet (Police) office and have been able to walk nostalgically again. With beautiful stories by Hans Noordhoek. Thank you very much for everything, it was great.
  • Another great experience, like those beautiful old things we still know and still work.
  • Beautiful museum and great explanation. Highly worth
  • Was interesting memories taken over
  • Enjoyed Interest
  • It was a fun afternoon
  • It was interesting
  • Very nice to see all the old phone
  • Where’s the Time – Beautiful
  • Nice to have thanks for the interesting tour
  • Beautiful collection of telecommunications products Etienne
  • We found the tour very well explained. A nice afternoon, thank you very much.
  • I really enjoyed the tour. Very nice to see all the old devices recognize and hear how it worked, thank you very much
  • Super fun, and what do you proudly say about the company. Really nice, until next time. Gerard and Karin
  • Interesting (22-04-2015) collection of various recognizable equipment from my own telecom-related work at the Technical Trade My Isolectra, Jan
  • Fun and interactive mueum !. We are enthusiastic and inspired to start with our project. Thank you for the tour and information, Greetings Britt, Sasja, Lara, Pepijn & amp; Tijmen. Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Impressive and how fast has technology gone? Good tour and excellent information from Hans.Clasien and Wolter. 26-04-2015A interesting tour of our brother and brother in law Wijnand. It is a special world and very worth seeing. Thank you Joke and Jos 05-05-2015
  • We found the museum very interesting. Thomas can certainly prepare his speech. May 11, 2015 (Bert, Joke and Thomas)
  • A very impressive tour that once again brought me a lot of nostalgic moments that I had forgotten for a long time. Super to see that everything is in its original condition and even more beautiful that everything works. Thank you for the nice tour. Henk (KPN International) 21-05-215
  • To have a historical memory of how KPN (PTT) used to be. A beautiful memory. Marco (KPN International) 21-05-2015
  • We enjoyed it very much. First worked at PTT and now in the museum. Everything still working. It gives a good overview of the development of telecommunications. Sari and Gert-Jan. 12-06-2015The tour was very educational and recognizable devices. We will definitely be back. Els and Ben 04-08-2015
  • What a beautiful collection and some amazing tour. Martha and Bert.
  • A great collection and beautiful collection. Also the tour was very interesting and interesting. Very nice to see that everything is working too.
  • Fantastic! What a special thing to walk through the history of KPN and predecessors. An impressive collection of a huge piece of telecom history. I would like to recommend it to everyone! Also the infectious enthusiasm is striking with which old PTT / KPNs lead you through the museum. Thank you very much for keeping this beautiful Telecom heritage. I hope that many people can come and enjoy this. Jan Kees de Jager. See for some photos 12/08/2015
  • Amazingly interesting and perfect tour, thanks. Henriëtte. Zandvoort to the sea. 13-08-2015
  • Expectation of outside expectations as particularly interesting. Especially due to the very nice and expert tour of the enthusiastic Joop. Thank you very much Ingrid and Ger 18-08-2015
  • We are here because of the 40th anniversary of a colleague. It’s a long trip through our memory. And many memories are coming up. From lever turner to pager and more. The enthusiastic leaders with all their experiences do the rest. I would recommend anyone to visit this museum. Stronger: every new employee should come along here to get to know the rich past of our company. I (we) hope that this museum is expected to be a long future, and future generations are surprised to look at what we now think so normal. Netco ICTMNGT 27-08-2015
  • Very impressive, really comes alive, definitely recommended. Ria 01-09-2015
  • We were here with Kyra and Naomi, our grandchildren, to give them an idea of ​​how the phone worked in our youth. Thanks to our guide Wijnand this has been a success. Piet and Will 15-09-2015
  • Collected a piece of nostalgia with my father. He used to work at the PTT in the past. A very nice afternoon with an enthusiastic explanation. Leo Ville & amp; Gerard Ville 15-09-2015
  • Interesting and educational, much to see. Worth a visit, recommended. Icebrand and Elly. 29-09-2015
  • Well built. Sufficiently interactive, full story from semaphore to mobile. You are invited to the HC connection service in Amerfoort.Olaf 06-10-2015
  • Thanks for the fantastic tour, Rool, Thamar, Bianca, Ann and Ivo
  • Reunion Implementation Management, Chapeau!, What a unique collection, Enjoying nostalgia, past time, just so, Koen, Eric-Jan, Jan ,. Wilko, Jan, Henk and Wijnand 15-10-2015
  • It was great fun and funny that you could connect. Greetings Faith. Continue.
  • What a fantastic surprise this museum !! A great tour seen and learned a lot about devices we use daily. The most fun active museum visit ever polite. Thank you very much.
  • Tour was very fun. Gathered many old memories. Thank you for the tour. Peter and Coby.24-10-2015
  • We had a very interesting tour of Hans. It was a fun and educational experience. On behalf of group 1, thanks for this. 24-10-2015
  • We enjoyed the tour, very interesting. Lots of memories of all those devices. 27-10-2015
  • What a beautiful museum. Great tour. Thank you. 27-10-2015
  • Very special things and anecdotes heard 3/11/2015
  • Superb !! 16-11-2015
  • KPN Flexpool was here. Very special to take the telecom history of the Netherlands to us. Good luck with the museum and until next time !! 16-11-2015
  • Thank you very much for the enthusiastic hospitality. I hope that this may take some time. Good luck with all that matters. Meresiton & amp; March 17-11-2015
  • Thank you for all explanation ECIT Telecom. Paula, Denise, Kim, Maarten, Sjoerd, Peter, Leo and 5 others 19-11-2015
  • Thanks for the fun and educational tour. Lots of successes with the museum. Family Lansbergen Schiedam 29-12-2015
  • Lord Deldelinde’s tour indeed called back memories of a gray past. Above all, very interesting, we will definitely be back. Cor en Jordi 29-12-2015

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