The following information is written from the beginning of 2016

  • Fantastic, what a collection, Jan
  • In one word very go 23-01-2016
  • Obviously came in for years, but never realized. Really oddly awesome. Henk
  • Never knew there were so many ways to communicate and that there were always solutions for it. Very educational and we will certainly promote the museum. Joke and Dop.
  • Never known that there was so much about it, Henk and Jan 26-01-2016
  • What an incredibly fascinating explanation we received during the long tour today 02-02-2016, in this museum, thanks Joop N, bye Cok and Joke.
  • Fantastic museum, much learned and a nice uileg !!, Thanks Mike Zoetermeer
  • TOP!
  • Great Herman and French tour 23-02-2016
  • Thanks for the beautiful tour, Beautiful and very interesting. Ton, Cor, Ruud, John and Jaap.
  • Very interesting, fun to see the history of the telecom! Peter
  • Good story at the tour. Very interesting all.
  • Beautiful tour
  • Thank you for the interesting tour. Wim
  • Interesting and good story 27-02-2016
  • It was really a surprise what we all saw and heard. Super hear !, and good luck with further redeployment.
  • Thank you for the interesting tour. After years of self-esteem Phone use finally seen the “backside”. Maurice
  • I fully agree with really interesting Sjoerd (deloitte) 02-03-2016
  • It was very interesting and worthwhile
  • Navin was here on behalf of KPN
  • Best Telecom Museum, Thanks for the tour we found it very interesting
  • Thanks for the hospitality, it was undeniably fun and educational.
  • A beautiful trip, so enter history
  • Particularly interesting, hopefully this collection will be cherished. End of March 2016
  • On behalf of the Boender family, we would like to thank you for your beautiful tour of this amazing and complete Houweling Telecom Museum. Thanks again. 20-04-2016
  • What a fun museum and what’s the time changing. Thank you for the tour and the hospitality. KPN Retail Region Central South 25-04-2016
  • It’s very interesting and they are all very nice and polite (Marcel)
  • It was a great visit, Hans was very (but very!) Friendly. My son enjoyed a lot. Marion (Haren – Groningen)
  • Unexpectedly a great day and explanation!
  • Great museum
  • Beautiful location, nice to see and hear the story, thanks KPN M & T
  • A great museum, I’ll be back soon. 19-05-2016
  • Sehr gut gefallen, war schön 21-05-2016
  • Very special to see such a piece of telecom history in one place. Enjoyed a nice tour. KPNMT BO BTO Networking Nation. 23-05-2016
  • Never knew there was so much behind the gray thread. Thank you for the roundabout. Henk and Netty. 24-05-2016
  • Recommended for young and old, great museum, enthusiastic tour, thank you very much 31-05-2016
  • Heritage that must always be kept.Good tour, good work keep doing.Dank for a fun afternoon, down memory, Ton with his colleagues KPN ZM department Wananty 02-06- 2016
  • It took a very nice tour of this old center, so you can see what has happened in the past from then to now, very nice 02-06-2016
  • Very nice experience, many things I still recognized.
  • What a history is happening to my eyes. Many refurbishments at the time spent in old stuff also in watchdog ed
  • The STV was visiting, very interesting thank you very much 05-06-2016
  • Thanks for the interesting tour of this special museum. Arjan, Vlaardingen Service Team
  • A trip back to memory lane, Ronald, 11-06-2016
  • Particularly interesting! Willem
  • Good old PTT 11-06-2016
  • Great museum, thanks July 2016
  • What a great collection it makes me proud KPN’er Keep up the good work Luckily I can become a member and I will follow you. Saskia van Es Executive Chairman PVKPN 02-08-2016
  • Thanks for the generous time you have drawn to guide me into this very interesting and educational museum and to tell you everything and anything. There came to me a lot of memories for that old old PTT time. Thank you too for the coffee that, when I reported, was allowed to drink with your colleagues in the Bunker. Sincerely, Herman
  • Fun and educational museum about the telfonie, keep going !!!
  • I liked it!
  • Look at very interesting, highly recognizable stuff.
  • Revive old times
  • For me this was coming from once a past. Only where is the radio distribution ( is there ), where are the airlines ( Are there), Steve Amerdam
  • A beautiful tour within a beautiful and good museum. Keep this and thank you very much for the volunteers who maintained this beautifully. Thanks Peter, Eddie.
  • What a treat to enter such a piece of past! Thank you for the enthusiastic welcome I enjoyed. Probus hillegonda.
  • The lady in the telephony cell was the big surprise. Was a Marilyn monroe
  • A place to be sure
  • Very interesting
  • A lot of nostalgia, what a development in communication technology </ li>
  • What a great collection, this MUST be kept true. Thanks for the leuek and inspirational tour there are all kinds of memories coming up. Willemijn
  • Toppie Uwe 15-10-2016
  • Thanks for the extensive tour, Remco and Floor
  • Very fun and educational museum, we will definitely be back
  • What a lot of fun, a lot of what is also recognizable. Really nostalgic, but “ode” very educational. Wouter and Inge
  • Very nice, Exmen, Acie, Jamie, Thomas, Acie Silke and the teacher Karin and Monique
  • Thank you, we enjoyed. After 40 40 years at PTT, Telecom worked to see a piece of work life. Lea. 22-11-2016
  • Today with the Fixed Demand Team, the kPN experience undergoes immersion in a beautiful location of the Houweling Telecom Museum. In the afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful tour of our former colleagues Wijnand Nouwels and Arnold Abels. Thank you for a beautiful heathen. Roland
  • Great place to go with (ex) colleagues what enthusiastic and involved people, Piet
  • Veron was here, what we saw and the tour was all the way up. We will definitely use our resources to make more advertising for you. 18-12-2016. In short, good morning Hans and Wijnand, our tour leaders of that day. On behalf of all the visitors of last Sunday, we are very grateful that you have given us the chance to see the beautiful museum. There is a variety of techniques on the Vlaggemanstraat. I noticed that the so-called pancake made a lot of impression. What a mechanics is then is such an important part. And the mechanical 002 time indication also left a pretty big impression. But the unpredictable progress has already drowned.
  • Very nice and very instructive, keep it well
  • Thanks for the interesting tour, I can take part in my conversation here

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