The following comments written from the beginning of 2017

  • Very nice, beautiful collection, beautiful building, nice interesting tour, many thanks 03-01-2017
  • Beautiful pieces and great fun to see history behind current techniques. This should be a review of all KPNs. Thank you for the interesting, interesting tour of Wijnand. Greetings Nancy
  • What a great time to see all the devices you’ve woken up and now see and hear its background.
  • Thank you Hans Noordhoek for the nice explanation. Betty and Ben
  • Magnificent collection of telephone heritage. Nice to save it and thank you for the enthusiastic tour. Sjaak
  • The old phones work and connect well. Amizing like we are back to the very old time. Xu Meng (China)
  • Together with my father (out of 81) old PTT’er inboxes. Enjoyed all the stories.
  • In one word, great beautiful, jeal interesting. GEB Gouda Metering Technique
  • Never know what’s happening for a phone connection and sure from before. Very nice to see. Barend and Thea.
  • Great fun tour. Enthusiastic Guide! A real recommendation.
  • Nice weather to meet those old colleges and hear the most enthusiastic stories. Feast of recognition. Jan. 04-04-2017
  • It was fun and interesting, Johan
  • It was really fun to see old equipment again, Peter (Old KPN’er 1969 & gt; 2009)
  • Thank you for visiting and very interesting, greetings from Fleur, Tim, Jonah, Olanda, Keyn, Max and My Mytyischool Bridge Bridge
  • On 15-04-2017 we received visits from 30 international guests. Here their comments (& lt; Written by the guides)
  • Thank you for a lovely tour in your interesting Museeum, with greeting from all the IRC_NLEastercamp Scoutlinkers. Tinge (Denmark), Ehina (Finland), Andels, Bende (Denmark), Brun (Denmark), Jaha (Finland), Roge (Thank you very much), Tobias (Sweden), Toal (England), Clare Elaiina (Finland), Bas & amp; Ceclk (Sweden), Bit & amp; Torben (Denmark), Sebastian (Germany). Thank you.
  • Interesting Jaap, Blijder
  • Great, Koos and Lia Delft
  • Impressive and beautiful overview of Telecommunications development, Daut
  • Fantastic museum, with great tour leaders, I get stuck again, Wim from Assen 2-5-2017
  • Fine that you have had so much time for us, we finally come from Eindhoven. It is a fun museum and we will be happy to return. Henk and Cecilia.
  • Had a very interesting tour. Lots of nostagia experiences. We will definitely be back with the grandsons. Peter.
  • Beautiful tour of someone with real sense of business. Great class!
    What a fantastic feeling so by the time of communication to walk, July 2107
    We were very impressed by this museum
    Thank you very much for the tour for the students of the Rotterdam Taalstraat
    It was very nice I am glad, thanks
    This museum near and very interresting
    Thank you very much for the tour


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