Become a friend of Het Houweling Telecom Museum
The Houweling Telecom Museum needs your support.

Our small but unique museum is run by 25 volunteers. We have a small budget for making exhibitions, the care for the collection and our other museum tasks. We go step by step towards a modest professional museum. A lot of things have to be done for that. We need to become more familiar, we need to register our collection and our extensive documentation and make it accessible to the computer. We need to unlock our knowledge and our collection more often through small activities, we need to set up educational programs, and so on.

For all these things, we need your moral and financial support. Therefore, sign up as a friend of the Houweling Telecommuseum!

What’s getting a friend?
 An invitation to open exhibitions, one time a year and a half, a special activity for friends. You will be kept informed of our activities and our plans.

What does a friend give

Outside moral support and propaganda for the museum at friends and acquaintances, a contribution of at least € 12 a year. Our bank nummer is: NL81INGB 0008966600 in the name of “Vrienden van het Houweling Telecom Museum”.

How can I register as a friend?
Via the form below.
If you want to fill in the form on paper and send it, click here on form. You can then send the completed form via:

Post to: Vrienden van het Houweling Telecom Museum, Lusakastraat 2, 2622LM, Delft.
Passing by: On Tuesdays at Vlaggemanstraat 15 Rotterdam.


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    Yes,I become a Friend of The "Houweling Telecom Museum".
    I donate € ,(at least € 12.00) per year. (So € 1 per month).

    As a friend I receive:
      1. 2x a year a report of the activities around our museum
      2. an invitation to the annual Friends Day
      3. an invitation to open a new exhibition.

    My details.

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    As a friend of the Houweling Telecom Museum, I support the preservation of the PTT / KPN heritage, so that interested parties can become acquainted with the history of the PTT / KPN and the development of telecommunications.

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