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Your support for the Houweling Telecom Museum is welcome!
Our unique museum is run by about 25 volunteers. We have a small budget for creating exhibitions, taking care of the collection and our other museum tasks. We are moving step by step towards a professional museum. A lot has happened before that, but we would like to become known even better.

We want to register the collection and our extensive documentation and make it accessible on the computer. This allows us to access our knowledge and our collection more often for small activities & to set up educational programs.

This will only be possible with your moral and financial support. Please register as a friend of the Houweling Telecom Museum!

What does a friend get?
An invitation to the opening of exhibitions, kept informed of our activities and plans through a newsletter twice a year & once a year a special activity just for friends – FRIENDS DAY!

What does a friend give?
In addition to moral support and ‘advertising’ for the museum with family, friends and acquaintances & a contribution of at least €12.00 per year (only €1.= per month).

Privacy Policy
Here you will find our Privacy Policy.

How can I register as a friend?
Online using the form below.

If you would like to fill out and send the form on paper, click HERE.

Use the Adobe reader, FOX reader or PDF Expert reader to fill in the PDF version. Then download this extension for Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

You can then send the completed form:

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I do not have permission to deduct the amount stated below from the account below once a year (until cancellation).

As a friend of the Houweling Telecom Museum, I support the preservation of the PTT/KPN heritage, so that interested parties can learn more about the history of PTT/KPN and development of telecommunications.

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