Welcome to the homepage of the Houweling Telecommuseum

The tightening of the corona measures has made KPN decide to close our museum until further notice.

Like a Phoenix risen from the ashes after the terrible fire of January 26, 2021 & the prolonged closure due to the Corona pandemic. We welcome you to our renewed website and in the familiar environment of the former North telephone exchange (from 1923) in which our museum is housed.

Here you can see and experience the traces of the present and the past. A guided tour will give you an up-close look at the history of telecommunications. The aim of the museum is ‘to preserve & manage the Telecommunications Heritage’. For more information about the purpose of the museum click HERE.

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Guess the device

Who knows what this device is called & what it was used for? There is a nice prize waiting for those who know the right answer.

Unfortunately Houweling volunteer, you are excluded from participation, but you can benefit from your knowledge transfer to children, grandchildren and other inquisitives.😊

Maybe pay a visit to the museum?

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