Our museum was until 01-04-2019 part of the Vereniging Oud Medewerkers KPN Regio Rijnmond / Rotterdam (VOMKPNRR)

From 01-04-2019 our museum is a foundation namely “Friends of the Houweling Telecom Museum”

Our objective is to safeguard the Telecom heritage of PTT / KPN. Our museum shows you the development of how it once started. Telecom is so obvious nowadays, but there are many developments on the way there. The telecom district of Rotterdam was the only district that had the telephone system from Ericsson. Other systems were active in the rest of the Netherlands, such as Bell / Philips, 7E, etc. We have many unique pieces that may not be directly visible in money but are irreplaceable. In short, we manage the unique collection.

Only in our museum are 16 working old telephone exchanges to be seen, our museum is known to real collectors as far as Australia.

A second objective is to give 25 retired men and women between the ages of 63 and 91 a weekly opportunity to practice their hobby: “old telephony from the Rotterdam Telephone District”. It is clear that the social contacts between the volunteers are just as relevant as the technology.

The museum is located in a telephone exchange that is still in service in Rotterdam Noord, and a large part of the technical museum objects are also part of the building.

KPN is on the move, which means that there is no 100% certainty that we can stay in the building. When we have to leave the building, hopefully in the distant future, that probably means the end of this unique museum. That is immediately the reason that the museum is now coming out; gain some publicity to be able to find support from the government and municipality in the event of a sale of the building or sympathizers. The museum is therefore also the co-founder of the Telecom Erfgoed Nederland foundation (sTEN http://www.telecomerfgoed.nl), which among other things aims to save collections from museums in difficulty.

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